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Hello, FAM!

Fertility Awareness Method

The Fertility Awareness Method empowers you to identify on a day-to-day basis whether you are fertile or not, with a 99.6% efficacy when taught and used correctly (ideally taught by a certified instructor, like me).

FAM can help you achieve your reproductive goals. For example:

  • gauging hormonal health each cycle
  • preparation for conception / achieving pregnancy naturally
  • natural birth control
  • cultivating self-awareness, respect & intuition
  • and much more!

With a fertility awareness practice, you can become a force of nature, because you are.

I want to learn FAM with you!

Fertility Awareness Method Programs

FAM in 4 Weeks

(natural birth control)

The Four-Week Program to Learn the Fertility Awareness Method So You Can Ditch Synthetic Birth Control Forever, Read Your Body with Certainty, and Build Your Future Holistically

4 Module Course | Live 1-on-1 Coaching

Ready to get off hormonal birth control, but not ready to get pregnant? This self-paced + live coaching combo program is for you! Learn the SymptoThermal Fertility Awareness Method and work 1:1 with me.

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Fertility Now

(conception support)

Holistic conception support for women who are ready to say good bye to LH strips and AMH tests and hello to Fertility Charting + Herbal Medicine

3 Module Course | Live 1-on-1 Coaching

Fertility charting enables you to understand what's happening in your body each cycle. Yes, even better than LH strips or an AMH test! Too much estrogen, not enough progesterone? Short Luteal phases? Low body temps? These insights help identify conception obstacles and allow me to formulate tailored herbal remedies. Includes self-paced learning, 1:1 virtual sessions and herbal support

Learn More

"I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and to work together on my charting practice. It feels invaluable to have that 1:1 support, especially when getting started and have suspicion of hormonal imbalance."

Sara S., FAM program student 

"I had never been formally taught FAM so this was education on things I didn't know. I loved that I felt understood holistically and not just in this one aspect of my health. It felt like Veronica took a step back and really saw the whole picture."

Jenna T., Charting Client
Video Poster Image

Nice to meet you! I'm Veronica,

a certified fertility awareness educator and clinical herbalist (RH, AHG). I teach women how to chart their fertility signs for reproductive health, happiness and freedom‚ÄĒfreedom to achieve their reproductive goals, naturally. I focus on those who are ready to balance out their natural hormones and regain physical, emotional and mental health.

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