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Hi, I'm Veronica!

I'm a certified fertility awareness educator, clinical herbalist, RH (AHG), and creator of Kapu, LLC, a women's wellness community. 

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"Managing stress and enhancing my fertility were my main focus when working with Veronica and she worked with me to find the best blend of herbs and flower essences to support my mind and body. I used Veronica’s menstrual calendar journal to learn more about my body and once I was ready, I conceived my first cycle trying to conceive. I really appreciate how Veronica takes lifestyle, nutrition and many other factors into consideration when suggesting herbs and I had great success with the formulas that she created for me!" 

Madison, charting and herbalism client

Meg, herbal client

"Even over zoom, Veronica has a calming and present energy that put me at ease.  Her care and concern for her clients is evident in the questions she asks, the details she picks up on, and the service she provides.  I found her to be flexible, knowledgeable and evidence based." 

"Veronica is a delight to work with.  I loved the herbal protocol she prescribed for me and felt my energy level and overall mood improve within a few days. Upon each meeting, Veronica would thoughtfully modify my prescription taking into account potential seasonal issues & life changes to ensure continued progress.  Veronica's follow-up and check in emails were always encouraging and I found her warmth and confidence in our goddess nature infectious!  I have incorporated so many of her suggested self-care rituals into my daily routine and I am most grateful for my improved quality of life since meeting her." 

Niamh, herbal client

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