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Hi, I'm Veronica! I'm a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and Herbalist RH (AHG). I help women learn how to use the Fertility Awareness Method. Want to learn how it can support you? You're in the right place!

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Curious about the fertility awareness method?

FAM is natural birth control, a lifestyle and health barometer all rolled up into one magical tool: a fertility chart. 

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Getting off birth control can be overwhelming. I've been in your shoes.


If you are:

  • thinking of getting off birth control, but not ready to get pregnant (yet)
  • already taking steps to chart your cycle because you read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility,” but are still confused by your cervical fluid (or lack of)
  • feeling worried because you've seen examples of fertility charts and they look overwhelming
  • stressing out over the logistics like buying the right thermometer, early morning temping, using an app or paper chart
  • done with side effects of birth control like anxiety and acne (or worse)
  • gearing up for conception in the next year or so and want to make sure you're the healthiest you can be
  • not wanting to rely on and trust an app to tell you if you're fertile or not 
  • curious how you can live in sync with your cycle

then you're in the right place!


Hello, FAM!

Fertility Awareness Method

FAM empowers you to identify on a day-to-day basis whether you are fertile or not, with a 99.6% efficacy when taught and used correctly (ideally taught by a certified instructor, like me).

FAM is a valid birth control option that, unfortunately, many of us didn't learn was an option.

People often mistake FAM for cycle tracking apps that predict or let the user know whether they are fertile or not. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

Learning a highly effective fertility awareness method like SymptoThermal, which is what I use and teach, is just as effective as the pill because it teaches women how to accurately identify their fertile window, and to follow guidelines to meet their reproductive intentions. The user is relying upon herself to chart and interpret her own data, and not relying on an algorithm based app. 

It involves a desire to learn about your body, a thorough education, and a daily commitment to chart your fertility signs (only takes a minute, promise!).

With a fertility awareness practice, you can get off hormonal birth control, avoid pregnancy, balance out your natural hormones and become a force of nature, because you are.

I want to learn FAM with you!

"I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and to work together on my charting practice. It feels invaluable to have that 1:1 support, especially when getting started and have suspicion of hormonal imbalance."

Sara S., FAM program student 

"I had never been formally taught FAM so this was education on things I didn't know. I loved that I felt understood holistically and not just in this one aspect of my health. It felt like Veronica took a step back and really saw the whole picture."

Jenna T., Charting Client
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Nice to meet you! I'm Veronica,

a certified fertility awareness educator and clinical herbalist (RH, AHG). I teach women how to chart their fertility signs so they can avoid pregnancy AND hormonal birth control. I focus on those who are ready to balance out their natural hormones and regain physical, emotional and mental health, all while avoiding pregnancy with 99.6% efficacy. I do this by teaching women how to confidently transition from hormonal birth control to the SymptoThermal fertility awareness method.

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