About Veronica

Hi, I'm Veronica Ricksen

Creator of Kapu, LLC


Eight years ago, I followed my intuition and...

decided to stop hormonal birth control. I decided to stop all medications, period. The day I got my IUD removed, was the last day I took antibiotics for acne, and embarked on a journey to learn how to take care of my needs, naturally. I followed the breadcrumb trail which led me to intense study in herbalism and fertility awareness.

Today, I'm a wife, mama to my little boy (and 2 cats and 2 chickens), clinical herbalist, RH (AHG) and certified Fertility Awareness Educator living in northern California.

I run my practice, named Kapu, LLC and am also a faculty clinician, teacher and mentor to the first year clinicians at the Berkeley Herbal Center in Berkeley, California. 

I love making things that don't yet exist, but ought to. I started by making pelvic / yoni steam stools in 2017 (since then have retired my stools), then self-published my Menstrual Calendar Journal in 2018, and also offer organic herbal skin care (snag my skin care goodies while you can-- I make small batches, and make more when time allows!).

Kapu (which means taboo or sacred in Hawaiian - scroll down to learn more) is dedicated to supporting women who want to live in tune with nature and their bodies. 

XXo, Veronica


ka∙pu | ˈkäpō | noun 

(in Hawaiian traditional culture and religion)

Taboo or Sacred.

A set of rules and prohibitions for everyday life. 

I value the word kapu in this capacity: it recognizes that something can be sacred, and still taboo, much like women's health has been throughout the world's most modern history.

Kapu, LLC seeks to keep women's reproductive parts and holistic health every bit as sacred as it always has been, with less of the taboo quality.

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