Menstrual Calendar Journal

Go with the Flow

An open-year, customizable journal

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A journal to help you live in sync with your cyclical nature

and so much more


Menstrual Calendar Journal

Go with the Flow

This Menstrual Calendar Journal invites you to consider a new way of keeping time, to flow with your internal rhythms, and to learn about simple practices to keep your female body in hormonal balance. 

It's fully customizable so fits a wide array of interests--from those who love a circular calendar to track the ebb and flow of energy, symptoms, etc., to those who are serious Fertility Awareness Method charters. 

Adorned with beautiful art and design, historical references to inspire us today, strengths associated with the menstrual cycle, herbal remedies and holistic tips for cycle support, this journal is created to surprise, delight and uplift! 


  • 13 circular calendar wheels
  • graph paper to chart your fertility signs
  • pages for your monthly intentions
  • blank pages for your creativity


  • 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 Lunar Phase Calendars
  • Two-Page¬†Circular Calendar Spread
  • Size: 9.5 x 7.5¬†
  • Hardcover, Cloth
  • Coil Binding¬†
  • Thick Paper Weight:¬†110 GSM - No Bleed Thru
  • Features: Back Pocket¬†

Charting your cycle is the gift that keeps giving... each cycle!

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We're the creators!

Author, Veronica Ricksen, pictured right, and artist and graphic designer, Anna Friedland, pictured left, teamed up to create Menstrual Calendar Journal: Go with the Flow.

Veronica is a certified Fertility Awareness Educator and clinical herbalist, RH(AHG) with a focus on menstrual and reproductive well-being. You'll feel her love for these topics emanating through the pages. Her work is dedicated to showing how menstrual cycles are powerful sources to tap into.

Anna hikes in the Sierra Foothills of California almost daily where she observes and documents the plants, animals, and changes throughout the seasons in photographs and
drawings. You'll see her love for nature beautifully illustrated throughout the journal.

They both practice cyclical living and share this work in hopes it will benefit women the same way it has for them.