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"During my 3 year pregnancy journey, I had 2 miscarriages, 3 D&Cs causing Asherman's Syndrome, 7 hysteroscopies and 2 failed IVF transfers. Then, in Dec 2022, my friend referred me to Veronica. She took the time to listen and crafted the right tinctures for my body to heal and improve after many years of stress, extra hormones and procedures. I started taking Veronica's herbal tinctures to reduce my uterine scarring and thicken my uterine lining, as well as drinking homemade bone broth (with the fat as she suggested) everyday and really let my mind and body rest. In Jan 2023, the ultrasound to check my lining looked the best it's looked in 3 years. I had a 3rd IVF transfer in Feb 2023, which ended up being successful! While I believe that everything combined helped improve my overall health and uterus, the advice and tinctures from Veronica were part of my regime for a couple of months that led to where I'm at now- 13 weeks pregnant!" - Bernadine L.

"Gosh, where do I start?! Veronica will teach you to not fear your body, whereas the doctors told me I had entered early menopause based on my hormone levels and that I'd need a donor egg. I laid it all out for Veronica, from a thin uterine lining, to poor quality follicles, short luteal phase, moodiness, low bbt temps, etc.  Each time I met with Veronica, we discussed in detail what's going on, on my chart and she really helps you feel comfortable with the information that's showing. I love the feeling of getting the right help in order to fuel and nourish my body. She made a specialized blend for me and included herbs that helped me rebuild and nourish my uterine lining and within 1 month, helped me get my period back, after not having it for 4 months prior. In the mainstream healthcare model, you are just a number. Veronica makes you feel like a person. She gives you the tools to be confident in your own skin." - Lisa A.

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