Track your cycle, change your life

A step-by-step path to learn the Fertility Awareness Method (SymptoThermal)


Before I tell you about this course, let's talk about who the fertility awareness method (specifically, SymptoThermal charting) is really for.


If you are: 

  • thinking of getting off of birth control, but not ready to get pregnant (yet)
  • ready to learn how to determine for yourself if you are fertile or not on any given day
  • a women's health enthusiast looking to better understand the fertility cycle and all its nuances 
  • already taking steps to chart your cycle because you read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility,” but still find yourself confused by your cervical fluid patterns (or lack thereof), and feel overwhelmed and intimidated by even just looking at “the chart”
  • gearing up for conception in the next year or so and want to make sure you're the healthiest you can be
  • ready to walk into the gynecologist's office, and into all areas of your life for that matter, knowledgeable, empowered, and in-control
  • wanting to learn how your menstrual cycles can be the key to having more flow, ease and fun in your life

then you're in the right place!

"I felt very validated after many years of being dismissed when I tried to share my charts looking for answers.

I felt understood holistically and not just in this one aspect of my health. I loved the herbalism that Veronica is able to bring into the discussions and felt hopeful after our sessions together. I also learned I had been drawing coverlines wrong which could have been impacting things in the past, but now I know how to do it correctly. 

- Jenna T., charting client

"It finally feels like putting all the puzzle pieces together

There's a lot of shame and embarrassment surrounding periods, fluids, infections, etc. and it felt very nice to be in a space and talk openly about every aspect of a cycle without it being awkward or shameful and just a woman to woman real conversation about cycles and health. We need more of this in the world and I loved it! I also was a bit all over the place with my charts and getting my temp and whatnot, but Veronica never made me feel like I had done anything wrong or needed to do better!"

- Sarah S., charting client

Praise for my Menstrual Calendar Journal... it'll give you an idea of the kind of creations I love to make for my clients and how important this work is to me

Nobody can know your body better than you can. This course will give you holistic tools to have a better relationship with your body and yourSelf.

If this piques your interest, I hope you’ll join me in this upcoming course! Reach out with ANY questions at all! 

[email protected]

All my love, Veronica