Vaginal Herbal Steam

Vaginal Herbal steam is a tried and true remedy that women use to maintain health of their reproductive parts. Just because it’s not mainstream in the United States (yet), doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

The use of vaginal herbal steam has been documented in Mexico to Central and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. In Latin America, it’s called bajo, in Indonesia, a bakero, in Korea, a chai-yok. In the U.S., it’s referred to as a v-steam, yoni-steam, vulva steam, or vaginal steam.

Vaginal herbal steaming is so simple! Herbs are gently simmered with water, removed from the heat source, and placed below a woman sitting on a chair that has a hole in the seat. The herbal steam rises and permeates the vuvla and pernium, also indirectly reaching the vagina and womb. The steam contains healing herbal constituents which are quickly absorbed by the genital tissue and into the bloodstream (read the FAQ to learn more).

Vaginal Herbal Steam Has Been Used For:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Vaginal thrush (yeast infections)
  • Ovarian cysts
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary syndrome)
  • Fibroids
  • Infertility
  • Postpartum recovery (healing/toning of the genitals, lochia elimination, vaginal prolapse, hemorrhoids)
  • Low libido
  • Amenorrhea (irregular or absent periods)
  • Dysmenorrhea (painful periods, menstrual cramps)
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Reproductive tract (tonifies it)
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Unbalanced hormones
  • Stress

Why Doesn't the U.S. Know About Vaginal Steaming?  

Female reproductive care had traditionally been provided by midwives, medicine women and shamans with the use of plants as their primary form of care. Knowledge of plant medicine was passed from one generation to the next. However, with the rise of western civilization, western medicine and globalization, many forms of lay healing that were not recognized by medical institutions became irrelevant.

Elsewhere in the world, women in tune with themselves and nature, knew instinctively what plants to use to aid women with menstrual discomforts, postpartum care, and other general ailments. 

A Chukchee proverb declares, “Woman is by nature a shaman.”

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